Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2017-03-07


  • happy: worked on Neos Conference brochure with Lisa, will have nice brochure
  • frustrated: nothing, maybe about Hannover 96 performance
  • show: brochure printouts


  • happy: found someone to give another Neos Conference keynote (Jordi Boggiano)
  • frustrated: could be a bit more Neos work these days (not that there wouldn’t be enough work, but also too much other work)
  • show: book recoomendations, “Release It” and “Site Reliability Engineering


  • happy: cannot remember what he did last week, except writing a blog post
  • frustrated: Dmitris x-mas present came back yesterday, because he allegedly didn’t pick it up. :rolling_eyes:
  • will work on “some search stuff”


  • frustrated: missed team meetings recently
  • happy: made it to the meeting this time – and finished the Neos stickers – and still increasing private Neos exposure with relaunching the Dresden makerspace website


  • happy: time to check the results of last sprint, tested new React Neos UI; preparing talk with Dominique
  • frustrated: the new Rect Neos UI has bugs, will work on fixing those


  • working with Neos this week, not on Neos: updated codebase to Neos 3.0, works fine so far


  • no reason to be frustrated, no time to be happy :wink: