Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2017-06-29

Gina, Wilhelm, Robert, Bernhard, Dmitri
Florian, Ralf, Karsten, Daniel


Frustrated me: That it’s so set in the people’s minds that Open Source projects need to work top > down
Made me happy: The marketing sprint; we announced the Neos Foundation
Next plans: Draft on the guilds
To show: nothing


Frustrated me: not really
Made me happy: Forms make me happy!
Next plans: looking forward to the content repository sprint
To show: rendering / validating forms based on just Fusion


Frustrated me: lots of communication work, also non Neos related, at the moment. Finding a bank for Neos Foundation
Made me happy: Neos Foundation! Yeah! Talked with a biiiig company about introducing Neos. Working on new Neos core features! Got more insights about what a Content Repository v2 should look like.
Next plans: Work on new Neos core features. We should collect “all the things” (packages, plugins etc) from the community and see how they can fit into Neos core / distribution
To show: nothing


Frustrated me:
Made me happy: A lot of things. Atomic Fusion is taking off! Neos UI activity!
Next plans: Work on unit testing for the new UI
To show:


Frustrated me: too little time for all the stuff on the plate
Happy: progress is being made with Elasticsearch work
To show: check the open PRs :slightly_smiling_face:


Frustrated me: Not much “proper” Neos work since last sprint
happy: 50 minutes before vacations start! Lots of time for doing Neos stuff :wink:
show: -