Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2017-09-07


  • happy: to have reached the React UI funding goal, looking good for “stretch goal”
  • frustrated: no
  • planned: more funding, Neos—Shopware bridge in the making (moved from Haftreibung to Gleitreibung already)


  • happy: working on a real Neos website
  • frustrated: lack of time pushing is back Neos project topics
  • planned: do interesting stuff


  • neutral: updating a bunch of Neos projects, adding LDAP along the way
  • happy: next sprint coming up
  • frustrated: nada


  • happy: relaxed after holidays, good to see a release magically appear :heart:
  • frustrated: holidays are over :wink:
  • planned: do reviews, fix some stuff, care for some overdue infrastructure things