Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2017-10-05


  • back from holidays
  • started working on React UI again
  • will continue with marketing things like conference claim


  • not frustrated
  • happy about React UI progress and new contributors
  • will do something I missed while writing this…


  • back from vacation, read up on all things that happened
  • working on new Neos project now, being a user of the new UI :slight_smile:
  • will be working on said project during October


  • pushed some PRs for Neos-related packages
  • wrote about Hacktoberfest


  • had fun with the new CR
  • will have more fun with the new CR
  • thus not frustrated at all
  • adding event-sourcing to spaceship, connecting bridge to warp core


  • frustrated once about process manager going crazy after a refactoring when replaying events
  • overworked but happy: working on a real Neos project for a real customer
  • happy because weird: reworked projection for usage calculation in Beach, crazy stuff


  • happy, because diving currently


  • probably stressed, because fixing something he broke