Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2017-10-19


  • is doing crazy things like - practically - event sourcing Magento
  • will join the Neos Sprint in Vienna!


  • (with Tobias and Sebastian) selected and finalized paper selection for Neos Conference 2018
  • new Neos customer (a publisher), looking forward to it!


  • worked intensively on the React UI, now ran out of his budget -> happy but kind of burned out :fire_engine:
  • excited to join the Neos sprint in Vienna with his FAMILY! :family_man_woman_boy:


Wondering if the other minions are all fine and happy.

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Well, I was waiting at the doctors office… My wife was hospitalised the last two weeks, so if I was a bit unresponsive, that’s why. She’s back home now and all went as well as one can imagine.

My unresponsiveness will continue, though, since next week I’m enjoying the fall break with my sons.