Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2018-12-11


Maya, Daniel, Dimitri


Florian, Gina, Karsten, Bernhard, Ralf, Robert, Wilhelm


Florian since 2018-07-09 (for unknown duration)

Gina since 2018-08-09 (until end of february 2019)

Wilhelm since 2017-12-25 (for coming 12 months)

Ralf since 2018-01-08 (for unknown duration)

All team members

Daniel, Dimitri, Florian, Gina, Karsten, Bernhard, Ralf, Robert, Wilhelm

The draft for the protocol can be found here


@all: This week’s kitchen duty: Issues


Frustrated: -

Happy: Docs sprint went great. Initially spent a lot of time on the infrastructure, but then it picked up the speed. Maya told us more about the sprint and her role in it, about how the new documentation would work.

Next: Finish the new docs in the evenings.

Show: -


Frustrated: too much work, too little time; 3 Neos projects in work, all have their issues.
Happy: Able to work on oauth2 server integration for Neos, plans to open source it when done.
Next: Holidays!
Show: -


Frustrated: Lost his ski boots while there’s so much snow outside.
Happy: Happy to be working with Robert Baruck on TypeScript integration into Neos, a lot to learn from him.
Next: Still a lot of work hard on TypeScript integration, plan to dedicate full week to in starting with the 17th of December.
Show: -

Sorry, completely forgot about the meeting today / didn’t realise it’s Tuesday. :grimacing:

  • frustrated: not really, just one half-motivating task ahead…
  • happy: most pressing stuff at work seems done
  • next: would love to work on Neos and our Beach again
  • show: no snow here :confused: