Team Minions | Team Meeting | 2020-02-04

Bernhard, Daniel, Fabian
Dmitri, Robert, Karsten
All team members
Bernhard, Daniel, Dmitri, Fabian, (Gina), Karsten, Robert


  • happy: moevd to his new flat! Travels by bike to work now.
  • sad: ~
  • plans: Working on the content repository.
  • show: ~


  • happy: much Neos: Updated 2 projects to Neos 5.1 and started two new projects on Neos 5
  • sad: 5.x seems not widely adopted. Lots of bugs surface. Core-Team feedback and Reviews are sparse ATM
  • plans: Merge Elasticsearch CR PR
  • show: ~


  • happy: Good progress on NeosCon organization
  • sad: Feedback about the plans to translate
  • plans: Translate to german!!
  • show: ~

Sorry to hear that @daniellienert , but I personally have to much stuf right know and did not find that time to check things :slightly_frowning_face:

But cool that you upgrading . Have customers that will also need updates soon, hope to tackle such issues then :slight_smile:


  • happy: spent a prolonged weekend at the North Sea coast, thus missed weekly
  • sad: nope
  • plans: dig into asset/media related issues and PRs currently open
  • show: nada

Regarding Neos 5: We have a few websites on running on 5 by now, but so far have not seen really pressing issues. But hoping to see more adoption and reports, so we can fix 'em! :wink: