Team Minions | Team Meetings | 2020-02-11

Dmitri, Fabian, Daniel (async), Karsten (async)
Bernhard, Robert
All team members
Bernhard, Daniel, Dmitri, Fabian, (Gina), Karsten, Robert


  • happy: NeosCon organisation is picking up speed. Some tech evangelist from Gitlab will give a remote talk.
  • sad: translating doesn’t progress so well
  • plans: pair writing a blog article with Sebastian about Neos vs. Wordpress!
  • show: ~


  • happy: got sponsored to create a tiny package for content links, happy how it worked out
  • sad: inspiration still didn’t hit me with conference talk ideas, so it seems I might have to skip this year
  • plans: I want to explore the topic of responsive images in Neos and improve the UX
  • show:

Karsten (async)

  • happy: life is good, but…
  • sad: caught a cold
  • plans: meh
  • show: och…

Daniel (async)