Team Tiga | Protocol: Retrospective #1 | 2015-12-01

TEAM TIGA - Retrospective #1, 2015-12-01

Participants: Andi, Aske, Bastian, Tobias, Sebastian H.
Missing: Markus

Discussed Topics by priority

slow progress with website project ****

poorer attendance at team meetings compared to beginning **
some work happening which is probably not reflected in Jira? *

Topic: slow progress with website project ****

Tobias needs a running instance to be able to work on content
Bastian is missing a way to stay up to date on the status/what to do
Aske: some more things are needed before more people can join into work
Tobias liked the project kick off, has the feeling that we are stuck because of infrastructure requirements
Aske: Infrastructure requirements for website needs more focus and priority
Bastian wondered about a “minimal viable version” for the initial relaunch -> Aske will provide link with discussion from website guild (
It would help Aske to work more on the website project if others help with maintenance work
Andi focused more on other work because he’s not so close to the website project
Unplanned work pops up and creates bottlenecks because noone except for Aske seems to feel responsible
-> Bring up action points which popup and would distract in the team so somebody else could help

Topic: Teamwork

  • work together as a team (support each other) ***
  • focused work on projects as a team ***
  • working in guilds and the team doesn’t feel so natural yet *

Tobias: likes the team projects but feels like working more in guilds than in the team
Aske: Doesn’t have the collaborative team feeling - other teams seem to be more collaborative
Andi: We should use our #team-tiga slack channel more. Get a better overview of the respective status / tasks. Noone should feel “alone” or lost with a task (e.g. kitchen duties)
-> Stick to weekly team meeting, use slack team channel more. Ask for help if needed

Topic: Impediment: Poor attendance/activity

Recently partly due to personal affairs
-> Always let the team know if you can’t make it to a team meeting

Topic: Impediment: Work not reflected on Jira

Andi: One reason is that there are many tasks that are dealt with by one person only, personal itch
Gina: Everything you work on should be reflected on the team board! Really important to find bottlenecks
Bastian: It will make it easier for the prioritizers to get an overview/question importance of certain tasks
Aske: It might be beneficial not to be too strict about what projects can be worked on as “team project”
Gina: Personal itch driven community
-> Create tickets for every work you do (even kitchen duties, communication work, …) and reflect the status on the jira board regularily

Topics not discussed this time

distraction from outside
overview of tasks etc. in Jira for the team works nice
activity log not regularly updated
branding process (separate discussion)
team size

Next retrospective

Before 2016
Define: Meeting goal


  • time keeper
  • focus keeper
  • goal keeper
  • tone-of-voice keeper