Team Tiga | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2015-11-17

TEAM TIGA - Team Meeting, 2015-11-17

Participants: Andi, Aske, Bastian, Tobias, Sebastian H.
Missing: Markus

Report from the Prioritizers Meeting

Challenge with organization of bigger projects (like website relaunch)
Agreed on “rotating kitchen duties”
This week Team Tiga is responsible for Github reviews
Team Minions will take care of 2.1 Release


Keep an eye on Pull Requests:

Concentrate on “stalled” Pull Requests, ask for status update/feedback/impediments.

E.g. sort by “least recently updated”:

Tobias suggested to select one “lead” for coordinating the kitchen duty
-> Bastian will take care of it this week (go through PRs, try to give feedback and make important ones known to the rest of the team so they can provide help, too)

Jira TeamBoard

Aske: Try to keep the sprint “small”

Website Relaunch

Aske will present the current state in a separate meeting on Thursday, November 19th 10:30am CET