Team Tiga | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2015-11-24

TEAM TIGA - Team Meeting, 2015-11-24

Participants: Aske, Tobias, Sebastian H.
Missing: Markus, Andi, Bastian

** Sebastian:**

  • Finalize NEOS-1458 for next Neos release


  • Funding (make sure recurring payments happen and are invoiced correctly)
  • Branding Meeting on Friday to decide how to proceed
  • prepare Meet Neos talks
  • Synchroniser Meeting about teams retrospective


  • some more website work this week
  • also next release around the corner - some help needed from our side - Sebastians security work should go in

TODO Tobi: Team Retrospective - 1st/2nd Dec? Moderator - Gina or Sascha?