Team Tiga | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2015-12-01

TEAM TIGA - Team Meeting, 2015-12-01

Participants: Aske, Tobias, Sebastian H., Andi
Missing: Markus, Bastian


  • 2.1 release
  • meeting with Ben for 2.1 release to help him get up to speed
  • TODO: @Sebastian add version (2.1) to ticket to include it in the release
  • Website relaunch
  • content modelling ongoing
  • get in touch with Robert for
  • updated general activity log


  • NEOS-1458 - some trouble to be clarified with Bastian


  • Branding update: had meeting with an agency on Friday with Robert, Robert will talk to another agency today, then decide how to progress; branding launch at Inspiring Con would be nice -> would mean that the most important elements need to be in place in February
  • Meet Neos update: nice event, will publish a news article on and some pictures on Facebook
  • TODO: Inspring Con talk proposals to be submitted - deadline was yesterday…


  • Did first upmerge and got up to speed with the new github workflow
  • -> Migrate open Reviews from old gerrit to github PRs
  • -> Work on “Finalize and improve fine grained access controls”

Kitchen Duties

  • we are responsible for new JIRA tickets (team minions will do some work on older tickets)
  • TODO: Aske and Andi will take care of the tasks