Team Tiga | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2015-12-08

TEAM TIGA - Team Meeting, 2015-12-08

Participants: Andi, Aske, Bastian, Tobias
Missing: Markus, Sebastian H.


  • Worked on “Routes via Settings” (
    • needs some adjustments
  • Tested Flow on PHP7, found some bugs introduced to master recently
  • -> Migrate important changes from gerrit to github


  • A lot of activity (see activity log)
  • Worked on abstract page layout for website
  • Worked on PHP7 support for 2.2+
  • quite a lot of work due to dependencies & B/C issues


  • Wrote article about “Meet Neos”
  • Created Facebook image gallery
  • Adjusted team structure page on
  • Discussed with lawyer re “Neos entity”
  • Retrospective -> wednesday 16th December, 1pm CET (in our team calendar)


  • Worked on kitchen duties (go over open jira tickets)
  • Created a jira query for “incoming community issues”
  • Worked on “reset roles on authentication change” -> Merged
  • Planned Neos event in Nuremberg (the week before Inspiring Conference as part of “Nuremberg Web Week”)
    • -> Will contact techdivision when a date is fixed
  • ->Migrate open gerrit changes

Note: migrate Gerrit changes?
Note: We also plan a “whole team retro”
Note: Use team chat more!

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