Team Tiga | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2016-02-09

TEAM TIGA - Team Meeting, 2016-02-09

Participants:, Andi, Bastian, Sebastian H.
Missing: Aske, Markus, Tobias


  • Continued working on a new landing page for flow (COM-114)
  • -> launch initial version asap with help of
  • Handed over work on “team page” for the neos website (COM-41) to Sebastian as he already collected experience with the Atlassian APIs
  • -> Provide Sebastian access to crowd API
  • -> Support that effort were needed
  • Brain full of new ideas after a very inspiring DDDEurope conference & DDD workshop


  • Continued working on a better integration of the funding page into the Neos website (COM-58)
  • Currently working on a possible design together with Tobias
  • Waiting for the API of to be finalized
  • Will take over work on “team page” (COM-41) with help from Bastian


  • Currently busy preparing the next Meet Neos event on April 14th
  • Already looking promising, first people signing-up
  • Working on “parametrized roles” feature for the security framework (FLOW-386)
  • Evaluating possible ways to expose CQRS-based APIs via REST
  • -> Do a workshop with interested parties to collect more ideas/pitfalls

Our kitchen duty for this week is “Github”

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