Team Tiga | Team Meeting | 2018-10-24

Participants: Jon, Sebastian, Markus, David

Missing: Bastian, Tobias, Aske, David, Max

All members: Aske, Bastian, Jon, Markus, Max, Sebastian, Tobias, David


  • Made me happy:

    • Have two great business talk for the Meet Neos

    • Happy to see how much the team invest

    • We have a trademark

  • Impediments

    • Have some troubles with source maps in the build systems
  • Plans:

    • Finish Website for Meet Neos


  • Made me happy:

    • trademark

    • got missing CIC membership resignation

    • accountant completed year-end accounts draft and has some clarification questions

  • Impediments

    • still stuck with bank account regarding funding move
  • Plans:

    • CIC year end accounts

    • funding move


  • Made me happy:

  • Impediments

    • T3Con next week

    • YoastSEO translations and contact

  • Plans:

    • Further work on SEO related neos topics

    • Go through old issues in flowpack & neos packages


  • Made me happy:

    • tm
  • Impediments

    • family situation still much to do
  • Plans:

    • work on Psmb.Newsletter


  • Made me happy:

    • Working with Dmitry

    • CR Rewrite is moving on

    • Open Minds Award: Almost set up

  • Impediments

    • A day only has 24h and cloning is not yet invented
  • Plans:

    • Open Minds Award finish

@all: Release Manager for the 4.2 / 5.2 Release: Jon Uhlmann

@all: how can we help the Release Manager?

@all: This week’s kitchen duty: PRs (Jon)