Team Tiga | Team Meeting | 2019-07-03

Participants: Markus, Tobias, Jon
Missing: Aske, Bastian, Sebastian, David
All members: Aske, Bastian, Jon, Sebastian, Tobias, David, Markus


  • Made me happy:
    • Work & Life balance really good currently
    • 1&1 lets me do cool Neos stuff and write about some of it
    • Getting better at CKEditor things
    • Having Markus in the Neos Team :slight_smile:
  • Impediments
    • Still need to learn a lot about CK
  • Plans
    • Continue fixing CK and Neos UI bugs
    • Work on extensibility docs for the UI
    • Finalize Google Analytics release (waiting for second review)


  • Made me happy:
    • Experiment with local beach and get it running :slight_smile:
    • More and more Neos in my working time
    • Great to be part of the team and to have the communication with the other community members
  • Impediments
    • Had emotional stress regarding a customer project
  • Plans
    • Try to join forces in the sentry package hood
    • Work on removal of emberjs UI


  • Made me happy:
    • feedback from lawyer regarding association
  • Impediments
  • Plans
    • Association


  • Made me happy:
    • finally vacation
  • Impediments
    • family was sick
  • Plans
    • vacation this week :slight_smile:

@all: New Events we plan to attend and spread the word about Neos?

  • none

@all: This week’s kitchen duty: PRs (Markus)