Team Tiga | Team Meeting | 2020-10-14

Team Tiga | Team Meeting | 2020-10-14

Participants: Bastian, Markus, Sebastian, Jon, Søren
Missing: Tobias
All members: Bastian, Jon, Sebastian, Tobias, Markus, Søren, David (inactive)



  • Made me happy:
    • Switch to Matomo for and working with Stefan R. on that
    • Working a bit with Markus G. on a project
    • Was able to finish work on a big API switch and refactoring started last year (with the help of my awesome BDD tests I’ve written long ago)
  • Impediments
    • Hard to concentrate, many projects, kid, stuff, bit tired
    • Preparing documents for tax office
  • Plans
    • Doing a Yoast SEO release
    • Make some improvements to my CR analyzer plugin
    • Matomo switch for
    • Make a plan what I want in Neos 6 (and able to deliver)


  • Made me happy:
    • Lot of great pushes, commits and comments on Flow code base :smiley: I see new names in my inbox, from pull requests
    • Great discussions about HTTP Components - great that it’s open on
    • Pushed first version of Deprecated code for Flow 7.0
    • Pushed FEATURE: Introduce connection factory
    • Commented back and forth on the middleware work - love to learn new stuff
    • Many great people helping on private project - impressive what a phone call can get you sometimes
    • The “one-flow-day-a-week” is bringing positive things to me - love it!
  • Impediments
    • I forget (decides not, maybe…) to focus on larger tasks. AccountInterface, I’m looking at you.
  • Plans
    • Stop looking at “none-features” and get AccountInterface done
    • To continue with Middleware afterwards
    • Write funding request for own private project


  • Made me happy:
    • Happy that Dmitri is working so much on neos-ui issues :smiley:
    • It is fun to work more with fusion and AFX
    • Also nice to see that the CMS Garden mentions our latest neos release in the newsletter
  • Impediments
    • I have ton of work
    • Hard to find time to contribute for neos :frowning:
  • Plans
    • Review neos-ui PRs
    • long term task work on release stuff for 6.0


  • Made me happy:
  • Impediments
    • Not much sleep and time, currently
  • Plans
    • Neos Reviews and Issues

@all: New Events we plan to attend and spread the word about Neos?

@all: This week’s kitchen duty: Inbox (Søren)

@bwaidelich Create an issue for to be able to put it on the project board

@markusguenther Create an umbrella issue for deprecated code in the neos-ui package (similar to the one for flow)

@jonnitto Create an umbrella issue for deprecated code in the neos development distribution (similar to the one for flow)

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