Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-05-20

Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-05-20

Participants: Dominique, Christian, Martin,Alexander
Missing: Berit, Christopher, Sebastian


  • Discourse
  • Reviews
  • Too much work
  • Media Browser Backend module to separate package? (As soon as the activity on the Media package is a bit lower)
  • Switzerland Meetup preparation meeting
  • Try to integrate IBM Watson to challenge Neos extension points
  • PackageManager performance improvements (under review)


  • TypoScript pull requests
  • Schema fixes


  • Busy
  • MeetUp DUS kickstarted
  • Reviews
  • More splits
  • Codeception testing
  • Needs reviews


  • Not enough time currently
  • Lots of changes that need reviews
  • Separating user input validation from business rules validation in Flow