Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-06-10

Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-06-10 (virtual)

Participants: Christian, Martin, Alexander, Dominique
Missing: Berit, Christopher, Sebastian



  • Pitch a big neos project this morning
  • Refactoring our Docker CI pipeline (Gitlab CI + Docker), need a bit more work, but will write an article when it’s done to help other build nice Neos dev workflow
  • The Neos MeetUp Swiss is organized (
  • Good contact with on big agency interested to add Neos in their toolbox, let’s see what happen, but could be nice to have more people in the boat


  • Not too much time for Neos during the last weeks, need to focus on my company activities we have some cash flow issue currently :disappointed:


  • Review all my open PR this week, rebase / update and ping you when I need review
  • Focus on the semaphore locking PR because it’s an important on



  • PR 529 - “TYPO3.Neos:ContentElementEditable” TS-Object was merged


  • Limited time

Last Week:

  • rebased and adjusted PR 517 - “TYPO3.TypoScript:Debug” -> TS-Object ready for testing be testet
  • also rebased 364 “Add test case for configuration validation”:
  • immediately found that in the meamtine settings were added without scheme - that is exactly the kind of laziness this test should detect
  • still have an issue with failing tests on php7/pgsql and have no clue how to fix - i could use some help here


  • finally finish pr 330 “Add custom types to schema-validation”
  • think about how to extract ts-documentation from the sources



  • Lots of things going on
  • Some big name Neos projects possible


  • managed to do some reviews


  • travelling a lot, not much energy to put into neos-slack-inviter
  • feel like to much on my plate


  • reviews
  • update some of my own chances
  • push one of the many things I planned



  • PR (334) Aggregate Validation Boundaries is merged! :tada:
  • PR (321) Trusted Proxies is ready for review


  • still feels like having achieved too little
  • getting others PRs pulled and tested locally - e.g. pull into existing project and check there
  • jumping between and staying updated on github, jira and discuss, not even looking at trello (is this still a thing?) and not mentioning slack here (because that’s the least demanding)


  • see “Happy”
  • doing some github first-level review / early feedback on new PRs
  • still writing up project description for separating user input validation from business rule validation
  • still wanting to take another look at doctrine 2.5
  • also found a few older jira issues that may be relatively easy to solve (e.g. FLOW-419, FLOW-21, FLOW-322, …)