Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-06-27

Attendees: Christopher, Martin, Christian, Dominique


Happy: Big Neos project is starting right now, will hopefully lead to more work on Neos core again
Stressed: Need to juggle projects


Happy: at least not unhappy, survived a child party this weekend
Stressed: Wilhelm is sick, not much time for Neos
Plans: scedule some Neos days in June, Cross Site linking, create Multiple Sites from a single Package via CLI and maybe Be-Module


Happy: Managed to get standalone Fluid running, Neos Backend / Frontend looks good. Codeception kick-off
Stressed: Too much customer work right now, all at the customer’s office. Limits possibilities to talk to other people and coordinate stuff.


A bit stressed by work. Trying to get better Lock implementation integrated, based on third party package.Will need to create a Taxonomy solution this Summer.

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