Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-07-04

Unicorn Team Meeting

04 July 2016
Attendees Martin, Christian, Alexander, Dominique

Happy: Managed to find a way to only nearly damange the knee during climbing

Stressed: Wilhelm is sick and i have to cover some more projects

Happy: Standalone Fluid almost done, some functional tests still failing. Tonight Neos Meetup Düsseldorf.

Stressed: Same as last week. I think I am slightly overworked :frowning:

Happy: Two weeks holiday in Croatia!

Stressed: Holiday is over :frowning: Back to day-to-day work

Tasks: Redo “Trusted Proxies” Features with HTTP component, still to look at Doctrine ORM 2.5

Happy: My collegue is back from holiday :wink:

Stressed: My daughter are in holiday :wink:

Tasks: Semaphore, Jira Triage, Release Plan

Kitchen Duty: JIRA