Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-11-09

Martin, Berit, Dominique, Sebastian, Alex, Gerhard


  • Updated most pull request
  • started working again on CQRS packages
  • this week, test the Fluid Standalone PR.
  • help Christian to get the huge PRs merged!
  • maybe I can join Hamburg sprint, starting on Wednesday :slight_smile:


  • started working on Conference Website; will get in touch with Robert and Lisa to prevent double work.


  • Good News! Joining the Hamburg Sprint for full week!
    • I’ll work a couple of hours for company; but most of the time work on the sprint.
    • did Fluid Standalone testing on bigger projects; works really well except one detail.
    • Great job, really good!!
  • minor changes to PRs


  • Done:
    • Rebrushed PR … Configurable Fusion PrototypeGenerators #767
  • New PR #690 for behavior of Views.yaml (closed two old aproaches)
  • Made a PR for a Flow Recipe in Deployer … we will see if that goes in … add feedback if you want that
  • Updated some other PRs …
  • Impediments:
  • Lots of work and project jumping
  • FLOW #690(behavior of Views.yaml) -> trouble with failing functional test for viewConfiguration
  • NEOS #1184(Review changes in ContentCollection) Nodes -> not sure wether we open the box of pandora here
  • Imho Ready to merge before the namespace change:
  • Add Commands site:create, site:activate and site:decativate NEOS #636
  • Create empty sites for existing site packages in sites backend module NEOS #757
  • Configurable Fusion node type prototype generators NEOS #767
  • Add setting TYPO3.Neos.defaultSiteNodeName NEOS #1183
  • Plans:
  • finish PRs FLOW #690(behavior of Views.yaml), NEOS #1184(Review changes in ContentCollection)
  • Get those prs in before the namespace-change


  • still quite packed with work


  • Meet Neos Munich, uploaded videos
  • continued on React Rewrite PR; started “add node workflow” change
  • helped / helping on CQRS package. (helping Bastian Waidelich)

Doesn’t manage current weekly time… Will do doodle to see if we can find something else.

  • Another round of fixes for the Fluid change
  • some smaller PRs
  • looking into configuration/deployment stuff