Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-11-30

Martin, Sebastian, Dominique, Gerhard


  • did couple of core migrations (Redirects, Seach Packages)
  • lots of fun on the sprint!
  • little reviews on Github (have to catch up in work)


  • still re-adjusting after a great sprint
  • experimented a bit with Atomic.Fusion Package :slight_smile:


  • tried to catch up with work; lots of fun at sprint
  • started some discussions (implementing sprint decisions)
    • trying to get the review pairings going
    • organizing Conference Papers
    • Lots of reviews


  • Muted by some technical issue :disappointed:
  • From my side, hope to help in the review pairing, @sebastian if you need help
  • Work on the package management, please check the discussion here
  • And now that the Media package as a dedicated package, I will check the open PR, rebase, …
    This week focus on review and merge

Kitchen Duty: Github Issues