Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2016-12-15

Attendees: Dominique, Gerhard, Christian


  • Fix Mediabrowser
  • Moved translations around (but gives problems with crowd in still)
  • Reviews, Testing for upcoming major


  • Testing major release, fixing stuff
  • happy about activity
  • Looking into Node property null/empty string problem


  • Removal of deprecated stuff
  • Updated couple of my changes
  • Reviews
  • Too much work, need to write stuff, but timeeeee…

YAY, good meeting


  • Currently concentrating on 3.0 topics and testing when i have time.
  • After that i want to write a blogpost about Atomic.Fusion and Monocle. That will also be the foundation for the conference talk proposal i want to do with wilhelm.


  • was sick for the week :pill: – but now not ill anymore and back working :sunny:
  • found out how to solve the upmerge issue – git rocks! :rocket:
  • next steps: try to re-organize Talk Planning hangout; see if I can help with release

I’m still working in the event package, which won’t change until the end of the year.

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Speaking of “upcoming major”: says December 1st would have been the release date. What are your current release plans? Is there a roadmap with planned features?
No pressure, just asking :wink:

The line always ends at a certain point unfortunately. It means “in this month” not necessarily on the first of that month.

I see, thank you. And what about the roadmap? Will it be revealed at the Neos Conference?

And what about the roadmap? Will it be revealed at the Neos Conference?