Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2017-01-09

Berit, Gerhard, Martin, Sebastian, Christian

Happy: Was on vacation and before on the 33C3 Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg with the whole family … just amazing

Unhappy: -

Done: chewing on some fusion ideas during vacation but nothing more

Plans: get back to work, look for left fusion tasks for 3.0

Happy: relaxing holidays, now ready for 2017, starting podcast project

Unhappy: nothing, still pretty much stuck at client for some time

Done: some reviews, created distribution “update” script

Happy: Had nice holidays, happy to see everyone

Unhappy: nothing

Done: Build a basic frontend node filter in Fusion with SimpleSearch and added some query functions to make filtering possible or easier for certain use cases.
One rather small PR for the deprecated asset argument in the image view helpers.

Happy: Back from unplanned and planned holidays

Done: Added simple styles and speaker information for conference package

Will go on working on the conference website. Next one: speaker list, schedule nodetype

HAPPY: nice holidays

UNHAPPY: didn’t follow Discuss recently

DONE: worked on Structure View for React Neos UI; figured out next steps release-wise for Neos-React-UI; worked on Video Streaming Setup for Neos Conference; created schedule for Neos Conference; worked on Neos.EventSourcing – Support for multiple event stores

NEXT STEPS: continue working on React UI; try to get some more back to community work (discuss etc); finish on Neos.EventSourcing package (support for multiple event stores); together with Tobias put Conference Schedule online (ETA today)

Christian will stay synchroniser for the Unicorn team as voted on in todays meeting.