Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2017-02-20

Gerhard, Martin, Christian, Christoph, Berit, Alexander

Happy: PR for aspecting the fusion parser is merged and released

Done: Chewing on the feedback to the fusion dsl-rfc. Not much


  • Adjust AFX to the afx…`` ` syntax (es6 tagged template strings)
  • Start implement the real fusion dsl solution

Happy: Doing a lot with Neos currently.

Unhappy: Want to get into new UI stuff but need some pointers to get started. Not at sprint :frowning:

Done: Some bugfixing here and there

Next: Get into UI stuff, bugfix, close issues

Happy: Was invited to a great meetup in Vienna on Friday. Really great talks and much feedback and information from the community.

Unhappy: Burned my finger badly, has some impact on my typing speed

Done: Updated upgrade guide on (could use some feedback).

In progress: Trying to refactor the ImageEditor.js, but barely found any time yet (images loaded in full size, could have huge impact on backend performance)

Happy: Not sick anymore, and we will be on holidays from the end of the week until March, 12th.

Unhappy: Bjarnes daycare situation doesn’t get better. :frowning:

Done: Neos related sadly nothing last week.

Next: Will go on with features for the event package. As far as the conference team need anything for the website I will find time to help.
Have a list with docs improvements (mainly Fusion, Eel, YAML), which I will add as soon as I find the time for it. Hopefully before my holidays.

Happy: Not sick anymore too and also holidays from end of week :smiley:

Unhappy: Need to find some focus on actual neos/flow development again

Done: Mostly just did some reviews, active in Discuss