Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2017-03-06

Attendees: Martin, Sebastian, Christian


  • Happy:
    • Starting an experiment with AtomicFusion-Forms now
  • Done:
    • Progress on AFX … ‘./flow afx:eject’ command and some refactoring
    • Minor PRs (Schema PR #1432 needs feedback)
    • Some NeosCon talk preparation
  • Next:
    • NeosCon preparation
    • Vacation from 13.-17.3.
    • Sync Topics for the talk with Dmitri, Dominique and Wilhelm


  • Happy: Currently good Neos/Life balance :wink: Getting the itch to do more Neos again. Release Management for 3.1 is found, YAY
  • Unhappy: Didn’t dig deeper into the UI stuff so far
  • Done: Some bugfixes and discussions. Also presented Neos in Düsseldorf at an developer event
  • Next: More UI stuff, check things to finish for 3.1


  • Happy:
    • Did my first functional PR for the IntelliJ Neos Plugin
      (next features?)
    • Finished “Dimension Switcher” in Neos React UI
    • Talked with Christian about Neos UI progress
    • Doing lots of Neos integration currently :slight_smile:
    • Cool to have a Neos 3.1 Release Team
  • Unhappy:
    • A little silent in the project-react-rewrite channel
    • (Nothing done at all outside the React UI)
  • Done:
    • (see “happy” above)
  • Next:
    • Merge Neos React-UI Select Box
    • Fix bug with Content Constraints in Neos React UI