Team Unicorn - Team Meeting, 2017-04-13

Attendees: Sebastian, Martin, Christian, Gerhard, Lisa, Alexander

NeosConference was a blast. Team Intro with Lisa - and Lisa in the team :slight_smile:
Flow Entity Security Fix merged & released & communicated
First React UI Beta Release (+ Release Jobs) website package search fixed

Ill after Neos Conference

Easter Holidays
Planning React UI Rewrite
References Editor Rewrite React UI

NeosConference was a blast
Maybe we will have sponsor for finalising AFX
Lisa joined our team

Schema Validation PRs on the sprint and afterwards as Alexander requested
Fusion DSL pr
Some work on AFX … gets closer to a first release

Get AFX released
Restart the topic to generate configuration docs from schemas

Happy: NeosCon, working on all kinds of things, lots of energy
Unhappy: nothing really, maybe spending not enough time on Neos overall
Done: Closing tickets, reviews, spring cleaning YAY
Next: Prepare for 3.2

Happy: Happy to see so many of you at the Con. Already looking forward to next year :slight_smile: Got some great insights into the React project at the sprint (special thanks to Sebastian).

Unhappy: Did not really do much for the project (caught up in work)

Done: Reviewed and merged some PRs on GitHub

Next: Looking forward to continue contributing to the React UI

Info: Have some open PRs lying around that could use feedback:

Happy: Happy to see new energy coming into the project, new team members & contributors

Unhappy: Could not attend NeosCon :frowning:

Done: Mainly reviews in preparation for the release, &

Next: Help finishing the 4.1/3.1 Release, help bring the EventSourcing package to a state that can be published, redo in small PRs as discussed on discuss

Happy: Neos Con!!, New Team Member, positive Feedback

Unhappy: Neos Con is over, still tired though, didn’t really have time to do work on the “aftermath”

Done: Feedback sheet, visit new location

Next: Decide on location, Sponsoring sheet


Next: 1. help Chris Zepernick with the semantic stuff for the website, 2. optimize navigation and fusion best practices, 3. go on with the event package