Template for Custom NodeType not used


I’m currently playing around with Neos to get a better understanding.
If I try to use custom template for my NodeTypes of type “Neos.Neos:Content” it’s working fine.
However if I try to apply the same scheme to the NodeTypes of type “Neos.Neos:Document” thats somehow not working.

Have I overlooked something in the documentation?

My very basic example:

Hi Timo,

you are correct, Neos doesn’t do this out of the box. For Content nodetypes, this “magic” is performed by the ContentCase Fusion object:

For Documents, you need to build that yourself - something that will change by default with the release of Neos 4.0.

There are two sections in the docs that explain how pages are rendered:

Also, you’re going to have to add to or modify the root Case object in Fusion so that Neos will render different Document types differently. There are two ways to do this. The old (discouraged) way adds a matcher for each page type, an example can be found here:

The new best practice is to modify the default matcher so that it renders different Fusion prototypes for each document type. An example is here, it’s very similar to the ContentCase object:

and https://github.com/neos/Neos.NeosIo/tree/master/Packages/Sites/Neos.NeosIo/Resources/Private/Fusion/Documents/Page

Docs could really use some improvement here, I admit.

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