Templating tags not properly nested. Neos 2.0.beta5


in my html template I have
{namespace neos=TYPO3\Fluid\ViewHelpers}

I would like to know what is wrong ?
because I have this message

Templating tags not properly nested. Expected: TYPO3\Fluid\ViewHelpers\IfViewHelper; Actual: TYPO3\Fluid\ViewHelpers\Security\IfAccessViewHelper

thank you

From the message it seems you open f:security.ifAccess but clode f:if - it’s really about the nesting of the tags, not the namespace.

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ok Karsten ! thank you … I did a bad copy/paste …
instead of
I have added a ’ . ’ (dot) before slash <./f
in this reply for you see my mistake
otherwise if I do not add the dot
the text it’s not visible in my reply …

I don’t sleep enought :smile:
best regards