UI Content Tree: Title of Nodes

Hi, I have a node and all of its child nodes are
a) of the same node type
b) have just one property of type reference.
In the content tree of the backend then all these child nodes are listed with the label of this single node type. This becomes inconveniant as soon as the set of child nodes increases.
Therefore I’m wondering whether one can dynamically replace in the content tree for each child node this label with the title of the corresponding reference (or something else). I would like to avoid a second property which must be filled manually.

Hi Rüdiger, you can define a dynamic label similar to how its done in the Neos Core neos-development-collection/NodeTypes.Node.yaml at 771a5c262d61b7b136196edf1481e3d58f0e45d1 · neos/neos-development-collection · GitHub
There is also an Eel Helper in this to make this easier to define fallbacks, etc…

Thx, loks great - is the usage of this helper already documented somewhere?