VariableExtractor => Alternative in Fluid >= 3.0

I am in the process of preparing my code (Neos Flow 6.3) for 7.x.

I have the following line marked as deprecated:


What would be the corresponding alternative in Fluid >= 3.0?

Thank you very much!


Deprecated means that this still works but will stop doing so in a future release. Neos currently requires "typo3fluid/fluid": "^2.7.0", and we are currently not working on integration newer releases of fluid.

Once other consumers of fluid start migration to fluid 3 we might think about that one day but not before that. Afaik even projects that rely on Fluid heavily are still discussing that.

For me personally fluid is more like a legacy system we still support but rather would make optional on the long run. We probably will support this for a long time still but unless someone shows up willing to put work into this we will merely keep it running as it is.

Dear Martin,

thank you very much for your prompt and kind reply - you helped me a lot!

Best regards,