What's the best way to backup the Neos content?

Good morning,

is there a ‘how to’ that describes the best way to backup the Neos content?

We’re working with our own GIT system and the deployment is no problem here. I need to know how to backup the content (nodes, users, tags, images, etc.)! Currently I have the following problem: the live system is the system where everything is up to date. But when I have to bugfix something I need the latest version in my local system. Or when I have to update the test system to the latest live system version. Just export and import the database is no solution, because of missing Resources. Just export and import the site content via the flow command is no solution, because of missing records (users, tags, etc.).

Currently I’ll do the following:

  1. export live database and import it into my local database
  2. export site content via ‘./flow site:export’
  3. copy Sites.xml and Resources to local system
  4. import site content via ‘./flow site:import’
  5. clear and warmup cache
  6. ./flow resource:clean
  7. ./flow resource:publish
  8. clear and warmup cache

Is this a proper solution?

Site export and DB export are kind of redundant.

The only things you really need are the DB-Dump and Data/Persistent. So what i do is

  • Copy DB
  • Rsync Data Persistent
  • ./flow flow:cache:flush
  • ./flow doctrine:migrate # just in case a slightly different version is there
  • ./flow resource:publish

I do that manually to transfer sites to production-servers but to update my dev-environment it can be automated with https://github.com/sitegeist/Sitegeist.MagicWand.

Maybe others use site:export and import, that would be interesting to hear.