Category Topics


Big shout-outs and small cry-outs, somewhat official, but always from the Neos Team.


Say hello in the Lounge. Put on your favourite music, share your latest mix tape with other Neos community members, or just be. Share what's moving you!


All about the volunteers, the night owls, the do-gooders, the marketeers, the typography nerds, the code jugglers, the helping hands, the server guardians, the event hosts – in short, all about the people behind the project. Discuss what you did, what you plan, upcoming events, local communities and how to grow the Neos community.

Using Neos & Flow

Discussions and peer-support for PHP developers, site integrators, front-end wizards, administrators, editors and designers about using Neos and Flow for your own projects.

Creating Neos & Flow

All about creating Neos and Flow: developing new core features, coordinating releases, designing the user interface, extending the documentation. Please ask questions about using Neos & Flow in the "Using Neos & Flow" categories.

The Neos Project

The behind-the-scenes of the Neos project. Many discussions of the Neos groups and the Neos Team take place here.

Neos / Flow FAQ

A collection of frequently asked questions and frequently given answers.