Activity log: Team Minions

Team Minions specific activity log for all team related activity. For non-team related activity, please use the general activity log. Follow same guidelines as the general log.

This is to make team meeting more efficient and activity reporting asynchronous.

Currently I keep track of all the discussions about media management improvements and try to help with the RFC RFC: Adding additional properties to media assets. Also added Jira items for that.

After a week of holidays I am back in the office. I’ll catch up on the Slack and Discourse backlog and then see what’ll be on my list for the week…

Worked for 2 hrs rebasing the wizard and refactoring validation of inspectors (not pushed yet)

Rebased and fixed PSR-2 for (1 hr)

  • worked on a Neos project for a customer last week, resulting in the cleanup on the Jobqueue packages (On the future of the TYPO3.Jobqueue.* packages)
  • kept an eye on the Inboxes
  • had some meetings
  • working on some important bugfix right now
  • will review some changes

Created project proposals around project release (infrastructure):

Created tasks for the minions about migrating everyone’s own changes from Gerrit to GH:

The others have no (open) changes in Gerrit

Yesterday I

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Today I

Was totally blocked by finishing Neos+React project (

On the bright side, spent time writing a blog post about using Neos with React, will publish it today and try to market Neos in React community more.

Last week I

  • applied for a Neos stand at FOSDEM16
  • mostly worked on final touches for the new Workspaces features for Neos 2.1
  • a lot of communication behind the scenes regarding the new Neos brand
  • refactored the whole Neos Policy.yaml (still WIP)
  • worked on hosting for the Neos Demo site

Yesterday and today I

Wednesday, Thursday, today:

  • spent almost a whole day on improving the hosting for and (both running on Google Cloud Container / Kubernetes now)
  • finalized and merged the Workspaces feature for Neos 2.1
  • spent 3 hours on communication regarding the new Neos brand

Last week, Wednesday and onwards I

Yesterday I spent the day preparing and doing the security releases of Flow and Neos (see

This morning I created a PR for, discussed some things with @aertmann and fixed a typo in the advisories (Synetis, not Synetics).

Now I need to earn some money again…

The last days I spent

  • doing reviews on the workspace changes
  • working on PostgreSQL fixes for Flow and Neos (see Supporting PostgreSQL (again))
  • met with @benk to prepeare the Neos 2.1 release project

Spent some hours to debug the failing tests for - was a really easy fix in the end :confused:

Yesterday I spent an hour trying to adapt transformations to, and it seems to be working, will try to finish it today.

During the week I did all I could for these PRs:

Non-team related stuff:

  • Prepared abstracts for two Inspiring talks
  • Did a bit of reviews and Slack support.