Activity log: Team Minions

Created project proposals around project release (infrastructure):

Created tasks for the minions about migrating everyone’s own changes from Gerrit to GH:

The others have no (open) changes in Gerrit

Yesterday I

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Today I

Was totally blocked by finishing Neos+React project (

On the bright side, spent time writing a blog post about using Neos with React, will publish it today and try to market Neos in React community more.

Last week I

  • applied for a Neos stand at FOSDEM16
  • mostly worked on final touches for the new Workspaces features for Neos 2.1
  • a lot of communication behind the scenes regarding the new Neos brand
  • refactored the whole Neos Policy.yaml (still WIP)
  • worked on hosting for the Neos Demo site

Yesterday and today I

Wednesday, Thursday, today:

  • spent almost a whole day on improving the hosting for and (both running on Google Cloud Container / Kubernetes now)
  • finalized and merged the Workspaces feature for Neos 2.1
  • spent 3 hours on communication regarding the new Neos brand

Last week, Wednesday and onwards I

Yesterday I spent the day preparing and doing the security releases of Flow and Neos (see

This morning I created a PR for, discussed some things with @aertmann and fixed a typo in the advisories (Synetis, not Synetics).

Now I need to earn some money again…

The last days I spent

  • doing reviews on the workspace changes
  • working on PostgreSQL fixes for Flow and Neos (see Supporting PostgreSQL (again))
  • met with @benk to prepeare the Neos 2.1 release project

Spent some hours to debug the failing tests for - was a really easy fix in the end :confused:

Yesterday I spent an hour trying to adapt transformations to, and it seems to be working, will try to finish it today.

During the week I did all I could for these PRs:

Non-team related stuff:

  • Prepared abstracts for two Inspiring talks
  • Did a bit of reviews and Slack support.

Last week I

  • spent some time goign through JIRA issues
  • planning the Neos 2.1 release
  • get the PHP 5.3 fixes for Flow and Neos merged
  • fixed some issues with testing on PHP 7 using Travis CI

Last week I spent time being stressed about the fate of PR205 and then came to concept of Node templates with @theilm. Hope you’ll like it and we’d move on with it (not for 2.1 of course).

Also this week I did my most importand contribution to Neos ever: resolved the freaking performance bug I introduced to Neos half a year ago. :blush:

Last week I

  • did a lot of reviews
  • documented migrations (that should still be put into the repository, was part of PR205
  • tried to steer the 2.1 release of Neos into the right direction
  • had some meetings

All in all a lot of testing and organization, but overall quite a good feeling, seeing the features for 2.1 are mostly merged, so it’ll be a worthy release. Looking forward to bugs being squashed in the following week… :smile:

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Last week I courageously threw 2.1 on our main production site and spend time fixing/reviewing bugs for the rest of the week.

Last week I

  • did another ton of reviews
  • created branches for 2.1/3.1 and did a lot of adjustments related to that
  • worked on steering the 2.1 release
  • cleared up the status regarding the submissions for Inspiring Conference
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Weekly 30.05.2016


  • Happy about the weather :sunny:
  • Created some RFC’s - Check them out anybody!
  • No frustration, so everything is cool :slight_smile:


  • Happy that he almost finished the storybook integration and documentation of React components. Will push it as soon as possible
  • Is a bit stressed because of his upcomming exams.
  • Not much contributions in the coming months, but looking forward to the time after the exams! :slight_smile:


  • A bit stressed because of work, but no frustration in regards to Neos
  • Worked on the several Media MetaData packages, showed us a nice demo extracting asset meta data, yeah!
  • Will continue on this feature


  • Has been working on the inspector, refactored some stuff about the bootstrapping process of the React application
  • Not frustration at all, but he is mad at webpack, which is the case for everybody on the UI-Team :smiley:


  • Works on the selenium integration / E2E-Tests
  • No frustration here, awesomeee