Activity log: Team Unicorns

Next step would be:

Really bad at writing these logs…

Did some coding and some merging and was in some hangouts. And wrote some stuff in Slack.

After some weeks a bit out of order, slowly back on track, current focused on the Thumbnail Generator documentation, will push something during the week-end to have this merged before the feature freeze.

Not sure if I have time to work on other thing before the feature, but will spend some time on review.

Tomorrow I’m at home with my daughters, not sure if I can attend the planned retrospective, will try.

I also work on the ElasticSearch and the CR adaptor, mainly to fix a regression I create myselft, review welcome:

And continue to read some documentation and test some DAM tools to finalize the RFC about metadata handling the the Media Browser.

Try to have StyleCI running on both ElasticSearch packages, but StyleCI is a bit broken for a strange reason … need to test it further on a clone of the repository.

  • Talked about the next steps for the website with Aske, we will have a content creation kickoff meeting next week.
  • Wrote an article about what we are currently working on and twittered, facebooked and g-plused it.
  • Had a meeting with Dominique and Christian, organized our work with Jira and offered help with creating tickets for already existing PRs
  • Will go on with:

Neos 2.1 release

  • Created and changed the social channel banner graphics for the 2.1 release
  • Created and sent the newsletter for the 2.1 release
  • Announced the release on Facebook and G+

Kitchen Duties

  • Removed auto-responder mails from inbox that answered to the release newsletter
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Did bugfixes and testing on Monday evening/night to prepare release.

Got the last changesets from gerrit saved locally (also some from Philipp Maier and Adrian). Will rebase them properly and create PRs when I find time next. Started with my JsonView change first (, which was a bit more work to get cleaned up - also did some more refactoring in that, so a PR will come shortly.

Also moved my last changesets out of Gerrit, did some smaller reviews, released two bugfix versions of Neos 2.1 before Christmas and then did some longer holiday break.

  • Help out during 2.1 release (mainly testing, bug hunting)
  • Work on redirection handling in Flow / Neos
  • Added 4 new show cases
  • Discussed the React.js UI topic with Christian and Sebastian
  • Organized the projects for our team with Christian
  • Christian and me decided to create a sub category inside the project proposals category to be able to move picked and resolved project proposals to that sub category.
  • did some bugfixes
  • reviews
  • released bugfix versions of Flow and Neos
  • started cleaning jira a bit
  • Talked with various people (Berit, Gina, Markus, Unicorns)

Several organisational stuff and cleaned up the Inbox.

Did some quick look through Flow jira issues and replied/closed where I saw fit. Also created two new minor PRs on github.

  • Organisational stuff for the relaunch.
  • Added the basic information about the Nuremberg Meet Neos to the website.

More or less offline during the last 12 days so no reporting here, but found some time to move some small stuff:

Small PR for the JobQueue Package:

Try to decouple the query from the ElasticSearch QueryBuilder:

Small improvement to the exception logging:

Fullscreen Secondary Inspector:

Rebase the RedirectHandler PRs and decouple from Neos:

Rebase the PR to use Generator in the Resource Manager:

Some small reviews and answer some question on Slack.

Next week I will be dedicated the the redirect PRs to make them mergeable (adding test suite, …).

Hope to fine time to test the PR to use Generator in the Resource Manager with a cloud storage to test if it’s breaking or not.

Not official package be we release JobButler 0.9.1 today, a generic package for Neos to handle manualy execution of Jobs (export, ETL, trigger webhook, …):

  • couple of reviews and merges

Started splitting stuff, need reviews urgently:

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Continue to work on RedirectHandler PRs (both Flow and Neos)

Start working on an alternative lock strategy based on IPC Semaphore:

Will try to build a CacheBackend also based on Shared Memory next week.

Funny, I was a bit stressed by the fact I don’t update this Activity log since a long time (2 weeks) … but look like I’m not alone :wink:

Basically I was in holiday last week. Back at the office on monday and my smaller daughter is sick since last saturday … so happy to have a code sprint next week to try to get more speed on my contributions.

But basically continue working on the Redirect stuff (mainly testing currently) and the Semaphore Lock Strategy … so nothing really new.

During the last few weeks, mostly work on the Redirect packages, that are now available with the last release, and I’m more than happy :wink:

Spend quiet some times on the package repository, during the last few days mostly focuses on performance improvement (rendering, importing from packagist, elasticsearch index building). Hope to have the package repository online next week will check with @robert to make this happen

Next week I will start again to extract the MediaBrowser to an external package and slim down the TYPO3.Media package, as the basis for more improvements in the Media Browser.