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This is to make team meeting more efficient and activity reporting asynchronous.

Start working on

First step, Dynamic tagging of TS ContentCache to keep track of links to nodes and assets:

Write a RFC to merge the Media browser in Neos and keep the Media package as a “code only package”:

Started working on

Pushed a WIP with:

The change needs further unit tests and more scenarios and we should think about a better SQL query to select the node data (this change adds a new subselect for now)

Small small morning reviews:

Back to some work, will continue to work on the Media related tasks

Try to help having this RFC on shape and running:

A first WIP patch to move the Media Browser to a dedicated package:

Write a RFC to improve NodeSearchInterface:

And a small PR for the ES package:

Worked a lot on


Also digging out some old gerrit changes and moving them to github

my work log:

  • added my input on various Discourse threads
  • reviewed some Neos and Flow changes, and merged some of these changes.

In the next weeks, I’ll continue having an eye on the review queue and discourse.

All the best,

My last update is 7 days old, so it’s time to push an update:

  • Try to push the MetaData Handling RFC on shape, currently rephrase the RFC based on the current discussion (RFC: Adding additional properties to media assets)
  • Continue to work on the Neos.MediaBrowser package
  • Transition team meeting
  • A bunch of reviews
  • Some messages on discusss
  • Quiet calm on Slack (start to love async communication more)

What I did:

  • Had a meeting with Aske to plan the website relaunch and the next steps
  • Added all pending show case submissions
  • Try to find a way to regularly work on stuff for the prioritizers and inside the team

What I will do:

  • Continue to work on the MediaBrowser Package / MetaData RFC
  • Start a new RFC to collect informations about moving Asset to the CR (RFC: Move Asset storage to the CR). It’s a wiki feel free to write down your ideas.

Personal notes: A bit less active this week, I have to start some urgent renovations in our house, due to some water infiltration and wood eater mushrooms attack (not a really good thing in a “swiss chalet”).

sick, sick, sick :frowning:

Hey everybody,

All the best,

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What I did:

What I will do:

What I did:

  • Forget to fill the log :wink:






  • Update / create missing ticket on Jira, and assign them to the Team sprint
  • Support on
  • Some code review on open PR’s

What I will do

  • Finalize the RFC for the MetaData handling the the Media Browser and start a project proposal
  • Take that every PR (see What I do) are merged before starting something else
  • Prepare my case study for Meet Neos Zurich

Work with @aertmann to have those PR merged ASAP:

Work also on Trusted Proxies feature:

Mainly been doing reviews and getting old commits over from gerrit:

There are still a few left, one of the major things being the JsonView change to have a common configuration for arrays and objects.
After that I’d like to get doctrine orm 2.5 going.