Carousel with text over it? (layer)


I use carousel plugin. How can I add a text content in a second layer without css hacks.
Its the possible?

Is that issue the same problem? Nested NodeType-Example?

thanks a lot, stekfey

Hey stefkey,
I don’t know the carousel plugin yet. I can’t decide if there is a “problem”. But the code I have published now, is a working example and may help you, I hope: Nested NodeType-Example?

I used the same approach in different nodeTypes. All of them are working without problems. Hope it will remain so in the future :clap:

Thanks a lot mad. Can you help me how to install the Sfi.Grid?
With composer command?

I try it width copy and paste, but there is an error:
The TypoScript object WS.fshsite:SmarterSelectorMixin which you tried to inherit from does not exist. Maybe you have a typo on the right hand side of your inheritance statement for WS.fshsite:SmarterSection.

Hi stefkey,
sorry for the fault: I deleted the SmarterSelectorMixin (only Mixin for ID/Class), to have less of nodeTypes in example, but didn’t check the prototype inheritance.
I patched the code and used the “root”-ancestor node Type «Tag». You will see in the «nested-node-type-exmaple-Topic». You have an message too.
Should work. Hope will help on the short way. But I have to check it on my local development environment, when I’m back Monday morning.

Hey @stefkey,
now the code in nested-nodetype-example is checked in new installation. Also have the «Small optimization: now with section-Tag» combined to the first message and patched the fault in inheritance. Should now work with copy&paste and also be less confusing to read with to many messages. [quote=“stefkey, post:3, topic:1109”]
Can you help me how to install the Sfi.Grid?

Is independent from Sfi.Grid install. Hope will help you now, without difficulties.
Sorry again & chears Martin

many thanks mad.

I try it, but its too difficult to use it (perhaps only for me) in the Backend. Now I realize it with the caption option of the carousell. That work. But not perfektly because, I need a caption with a background-color, but 3 diffefent colors, dependent from the slider-picture. Dark picture -> the redaktuer need caption width bright background-color, bright picture then the redakteur needs dark background-color in the caption.
I thinks thats the right way: Add id and class to nodes