Installing Neos, throws exception "The system cannot find the path specified." when accessing website

Hi, I’m trying to install Neos to start familiarizing myself with it. The installation with composer works smoothly and finished without issues. But no matter if I install the neos-example package or create a new site from scratch, I just get greeted with an exception (“The system cannot find the path specified.”) when I open the website. The same shows up no matter if I start the “built in” server called “flow” or if I run it on the regular web server (Uniform Server).

The exception log file shows the following:

Exception #1355480641 in line 384 of C:\Tests\neos-example\Packages\Framework\Neos.Flow\Classes\Core\Booting\Scripts.php: The system cannot find the path specified.

12 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Scripts::executeCommand("neos.flow:core:compile", array|16|)
11 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Scripts::initializeProxyClasses(Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
10 call_user_func(array|2|, Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
9 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Step::__invoke(Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
8 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Sequence::invokeStep(Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Step, Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
7 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Sequence::invokeStep(Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Step, Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
6 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Sequence::invokeStep(Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Step, Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
5 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Sequence::invokeStep(Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Step, Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
4 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Sequence::invoke(Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
3 Neos\Flow\Cli\CommandRequestHandler::boot("Runtime")
2 Neos\Flow\Cli\CommandRequestHandler::handleRequest()
1 Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap::run()

From the logs I can’t really identify any meaningful information, other than it tries to compile something. A bit of googling revealed that in that step it’s trying to compile the Neos Flow files into optimized PHP files. But the exception does not tell which file it cannot find. Is it the PHP executable (I set it both in the Config file and in the flow.bat file)? Is it some other source file? Is there some way to make the Logs more verbose to get some more meaningful information or am I missing out something?

I really hope there is a way to make this work.

A bit of info on my environment:
Windows 10
Running Uniform Server with PHP7.4
Also having PHP7.4 installed externally trough “Choco”, so you can call “php” from anywhere.
Running “flow.bat” with Administrator Privileges so permissions should not be an issue here.

Best regards.

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When is someone going to REPLY to this question? I just installed, and I do have exact the same problem… (after 3 years…).

Only difference is I have PHP 8.2.4, and Windows 11

Hi @Luuk

Please use the search form to see if the question is already answered

It’s a common topic, replied to a number of times before :slight_smile:

Oh, and please be kind in your writing :heart: