Migrating neos.typo3.org to neos.io

I have started recently to prepare the move of neos.typo3.org to neos.io. The plan is to move the site to servers maintained (and sponsored) by Flownative and update / clean up the site a little along the way.

Important: Today I moved the site distribution package to its new home at Github. While I was at it, I renamed the site package to neos/neosio and included the formerly separate site package into the Git repository of the site distribution. The deployment job at jenkins.neos.io has not been adjusted yet and will deploy the old version to neos.typo3.org.

If you plan to deploy any updates to neos.typo3.org please get in touch with me first.

I’ll need a couple of days to set everything up properly and probably launch the new site during the Neos sprint in Nürnberg.

Hey, cool to see this moving. Since you decided to use the namespace for the old website, I think @berit and I will work on a branch of the same repository.

Ah, right - that namespace decision was kind of implicit, not intentional. But well, I guess it’s fine, right?

Hm I chose it a bit different to be open for potential other projects. My current version of the site package is called Neos.NeosIo.Site having the key “Site” as a naming for a website package

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Just for the record, we finally launched neos.io on the new server infrastructure last Tuesday. The hosting is currently managed and sponsored by Flownative. I plan to make things more accessible to the team soon, but for now, if you find any issue regarding the hosting of the website, please report it either in Slack (#ops-group), here in Discourse or write to support at flownative com.