Neos 4.1 Release Planning

For now this is rather empty… but after the release is before the release!

First of all, here is the release board on GitHub:

The next step would be to find a team of release managers…

… and according to what we decided in Hamburg at the last sprint, the next release is managed by (someone from) the Minions team. Target date for the release is August 2018.

Is there a similar project for the Flow Framework project ? And is possible you can share a screenshot of the project (knowing that it’s not public due to Github and not the core team)?

The Flow release is “the same”, at least board-wise. And it is public, one can make a public board. It’s just a bit hidden… :slight_smile:

Nice, I’ve always found the Github boards link to be unavailable :slight_smile: Can I make a candidate for tickets to go to the board - some of them are stuff I will do love to myself :slight_smile:

Yes, just add them to the board, they should show up as candidates even if you cannot add them directly.

I don’t seem to change the “project” field on a issue, but I will like to add introducing a Account interface as first little step towards a separation of the security package as a candidate

Update: @Nezaniel will be heading the release, with help from @daniellienert and @kdambekalns

Yesterday (2018-08-16) we had a meeting to discuss the status and the next steps. In a nutshell:

  • the 4.1 and 5.1 branches will be created off of master on 2018-08-21
  • features not merged until then are out of scope
  • the release is planned for 2018-08-28
  • open tasks corrdinated through the release board on GH
  • @mstruebing and @mbornschein will be asked (by their “office neighbors” @daniellienert and @Nezaniel) to finish the FA5 update (old and new UI)
  • @kdambekalns will generate a “preview changelog” to base communication on
  • @daniellienert wants to see if @mbornschein wants to write text for an announcement

And we need a new login wallpaper - I created a post for that here: Neos 4.1 Login Wallpaper