Neos as Headless CMS

The link i gave you is for the actual GraphQL package - the one you include is a adapter to Neos.

In the link I gave you, the installation instruction reads

And, lastly, activate the corresponding routes:


            'endpoint': 'test'

and you mostlike don’t need the variables part.

At least try and see if it solves your issue. And if it does, please submit a PR to the Neos GraphQL package that explains that needed installation setup

So, what’s the acutal respons of your request? If you click preview instead of headers on your latest screenshot you should see the error message. “Unexpected token < in …” just inidicates that graphql playground could not parse the response to json. As you pointed out it’s text/html. And in that request the error is printed out.

Thanks @stolle for helping.

Yes,Clicking on Preview or Response Both show “Failed to show the response Data”.
Please find below attached file.

And in the below files it get failed.


Did you end up completely ignoring the question if you included the routes from the actual GraphQL package?

I kindly ask you to give feedback on the suggestion

You’re not logged in and not sending the credentials. That’s why it redirects you to /login from /neos.