Neos Branding Funding

(Florian Heinze) #22

Thanks for the feedback. So here goes my proposal :wink:

  • I will create two branding badges 500€ and 1000€
  • 500€ will be mentioned in the presentation
  • 1000€ will be mentioned in the presentation and in a twitter post

If we have the time, we can create some nice giveaways. There will be no placement on a “special page” on but later in the general funding section.

Like if you like :wink:

(Florian Heinze) #23

DRAFT for the announcement

Starting this year, we have been working hard to kickstart a branding for Neos. We have taken the first steps as a basis for creating a unique visual identity, that will make it easier for agencies to market Neos as a product. We believe, that the branding will also help to strengthen and grow our community, by providing something far more emotional than just a name.

For this we need your financial support to take the next big steps to finalize the Neos branding. We have prepared two badges that you can buy at our funding plattform. The new brand will be announced during Inspiring Con together with our Supporters. Our premium supporters will additionally be announced via twitter and on Thank you so much for supporting Neos.


(Tobias Gruber) #24


I suggest to proceed as follows:

  • we (Sandstorm) will put the Badges @fheinze showed on the funding platform for the said prices (500€ and 1.000€)
  • the comms guild will announce them (Twitter, blog article)
  • the badges should have incentives attached to them
  • mention during talk @inspiring con
  • I like the idea of showing the premium badge buyers on the relaunched start page for a period of time. But if we do that, we must do it with the relaunch - hardcoded if we have to. If - lateron - we develop an integration to automatically display badges on - great and we can easily update the site.
  • $someone needs to talk to the bigger agencies/customers directly to support the branding funding
  • Robert -> Sitegeist?
  • Robert -> 1und1?
  • Tobias -> Techdivision
  • Tobias ->
  • further suggestions?

As a sidenote: I think, displaying certain sponsors on the (relaunched) main page is important - e.g. platinum sponsors, one-time sponsors “the next sprint is supported by XYZ” for a limited amount of time etc. That wouldn’t necessarily mean we have to display the badges themselves, but could be the supporter’s logo instead.

What do you think?

(Sebastian Kurfuerst) #25

Hey everybody,

the badges are now online at

All the best,

(Tobias Gruber) #26

I’ve published the announcement:

(Florian Heinze) #27