translations OR local community websites

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I am not sure if this is the right group for my question.

I’ like to ask is there is any official plan about making translation of by local communities?
Do you plan anything like that OR should this be like with that each local community makes their clone/variation under their own domain ?

Hey Krystian,

as far as I know, there has not been a detailed concept on how this shall be handled yet :slight_smile:

Do you personally have a preference?

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We’ve discussed this a couple of times. Last at the community group hangout we concluded that maintaining an official multi-language site would not be feasible, but rather we would suggest local communities to copy the neos website and modify for their own smaller sites. We’re working on a new website for and when that’s launched you could use that as a basis. You can follow the progress on that project in website - overhaul and #website-team on slack.

I was thinking about very strict translation 1:1 without any additional information for local community. If local community would like to put some info then it could be done on forum - but not on official website. This way we could be sure the website is not some local company “advertaising board” - but its just translation.

I get it. So also domains should be provided by local communities?
No way to use for example

Doing a 1:1 translation is exactly what we don’t think is feasible from past experience. It makes it hard to change things and to keep up to date. We don’t have the required manpower to do that, not even close. Even updating the current website in just one language is a struggle currently. Therefore local communities should maintain their own version and keep that up-to-date, independently from the main website.

Regarding domains, I wasn’t referring to that at all in my last post. I don’t see a problem having subdomains for local communities currently, but there might be others who have concerns. AFAIK the SSL certificate only works for 25 domains, which might be a blocker at some point.

For domains there can be also problems in future that some name will be already taken by country but would be needed as functional domain suddenly. Think of What if “id” would be the name of country.

So - if I am not wrong - the conclusion of this post is:

  1. local communities can make exact copies of
  2. local communities must use their own domains for that

My 2cts:

I would like localized versions of, and in general, subdomains would be fine (maybe use three-letter country codes to avoid the clash with I suggest that we use one installation but with multiple sites and generally go for a multi-branch approach but share node types and certain content (for example news or user profiles). The nice side effect would be that we have to eat our own icecream and need to maintain a multi language / multi site website on our own. As long as we don’t aim for a 1:1 translation, it should be feasible to do that.

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