New paragraph on Enter


We are using NEOS to publish articles on our websites so we have implemented a paragraph NodeType to write text. Currently hitting Enter just creates a new line, but I’d like it to create a completely new paragraph Node instead. If possible only Shift + Enter should create a new line.

Is there a way to implement this functionality?

So you want to go for a WP Gutenberg like editing experience?

I guess technically its archieveable see GitHub - psmb/Psmb.SplitAdd: Allows to insert images and other nodes between paragraphs in one click for a similar plugin…

To the whys and why nots → thats another big discussion. (We would have done this already if there where no downsides…)

see Structured Editing within CKE5 for a related discussion about structured editing.

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Yes exactly. Thank you for the references! I’ll look through them and decide whether it’s feasible to go for this approach. :slight_smile: