Noes 5 Distribution


I am getting below exception, just installed the Neos 5 Distribution(“neos/neos-base-distribution”: “5.0.4”)

The argument “arguments” was registered with type “array”, but is of type “string” in view helper "Neos\FluidAdaptor\ViewHelpers\Uri\ActionViewHelper

Any Suggestion?

Hi pawan,

you’re handing over the argument «arguments» as string but you have to hand over an array.

Hi Pawan,
check out Frisches Neos 4.3 mit Demo Package - Exception im Hauptmenü.
They discuss very similar issues (unfortunately mostly in german).
Basically the say there are problems with typo3fluid and you should try to

  • use php7.2 instead of 7.3
  • and or downgrade typo3fluid with composer require “typo3fluid/fluid:2.6.0”

For me downgrading to php 7.2 did the trick with Neos 5.0.2.