Preview of documents / workspaces in Neos

Most of the time you don’t need to preview a document because you see the website in Neos while editing, but in some use cases Neos can become even more editor friendly. I don’t know if some projects in this direction already started, but i want to write down some stories / use cases how our customers use Neos:

1) As an editor i want to get a preview of a document, even if its hidden, to be able to check e. g. links, buttons and some integrated tracking via google tag manager.

Example: Editors often create a hidden page in live workspace and want to get a preview of it before activating. The way is often still known from other CMS.

Acceptance criteria:

  • You have to be logged in Neos backend
  • Final page rendering

2) As an editor i want to navigate through a whole workspace in preview mode to see all changes.

Example: New campaign with a lot of changes prepared in a special soft-relaunch workspace.

Acceptance criteria:

  • You have to be logged in Neos backend
  • All links and buttons should be rendered correctly with workspace url parameter
  • Final page rendering

3) As an editor i want to share a preview of a specific document to get feedback from external authors / proofreading departments.

Example: An external blog author without backend login wants to approve his submitted article before live publishing.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Valid personal link for x days can be created in Neos backend
  • Strict access to the special page

I hope it’s written clearly enough. We would like to be active in this direction, but not without prior feedback / discussion. :wink: Maybe you have some further use cases or ideas?

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Hey @mirkokaufmann

For your userstory 3 maybe this could be interesting to you:

@christianm wrote that just recently. It is not released yet but you can use dev-master meanwhile (like I do). There is also no documentation (readme or so) available. Just as quick info: The package “injects” itself into the workspace module and provides actions for creating a preview-link (admin restricted by policy by default) and another action to copy the preview-link.