RFC: Node Templates

I created a fresh Neos instance and installed node templates (had to add “minimum-stability”: “dev” to my composer.json and had to remove demo site from composer.json and composer.lock in order to run composer require flowpack/nodetemplates successfully)
I edited my NodeTypes.yaml in /Sites/{site}/Configuration with this:

          name: 'main'
              type: 'Neos.NodeTypes:Text'
                text: '<p>Hello world!</p>'

but nothing happened, I created a new page and no node were created automatically. The page was created successfully but without the mainContentCollection.

Am I missing something? Please help!

Thank you,

UPDATE: solved! Thank you Thomas for your hints. I was under the impression the latest Neos already uses React UI out of the box. After I installed the new UI it worked fine. Thanks again and sorry for asking the question in this topic…

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Hi @tade, thanks for testing the new package! Some hints:

  • Have you used the new React UI? The package only works with the new UI.
  • You write that the mainContentCollection has not been created. In fact, the main content collection should already be there as an auto generated child node. If it is not, the helloWorldTextNode can not be created inside it.
  • Have a look at https://github.com/mindscreen/neos-nodetemplates-demo for some working examples.

If you have further questions or feedback, please create a new thread (feel free to mention me so that I get notified) or ping me via Slack.