Support Surf or move to an other deployment tools

Look like Surf start a new life:

Decoupled from Flow and more or less ready to be build as a PHAR file, so my first comment about “Surf is dead” … is wrong :wink:

Ansible is pretty to “big” for basic deployment (I say for people have no experience with deployment tools), a lots of other concept to learn …

Indeed. Surf is not dead. A Software isn’t dead as long there are people developing it further.

I released a beta version now:

Just a few comments from my side:

I don’t care whether Surf is a “TYPO3 Product” or a “Neos Product”. I care if it is useful for me and if I believe it creates value for me or other people and if people are interested in working on it.

During the holidays I developed a version, which clearly shows a direction:

It has improved consistency and simplicity and is more lightweight. Development moved to Github (not completely yet, but work in progress) with all the benefits like CI Tools.

There are still a lot of loose ends which need to be tackled, but at least for me, this state works nicely for me.

Any ideas and contributions are welcome.

Oh, btw. there is one thing where ownership is important: I currently kept the composer name “typo3/surf”, which just means, that TYPO3 is officially vendor.

If you have objections for keeping the name (at least for now), please speak up, I have no problem to leave it like that and continue working on a fork.


Hi Helmut,

thank you! Looks promising and I really like Surf and also using it for most of my projects so it’s good to see that there are still people working on it.

Just wanted to say that :slight_smile:

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